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  Jérôme COUSSANES 2240add432 Technical colorimetry 1 week ago
  Gobelin 95742b47ea Merge branch 'master' of git.libskia.so:AlternaFreeStudio/ancient_warriors 2 weeks ago
  Gobelin 9f58a3a24d Add concept art 3: 2 weeks ago
  Gobelin 14f071d1b0 Add background paper used for concept art 3 2 weeks ago
  Yoda 4e80294ba6 Line art concept 2 weeks ago
  Skia 48b20befd1 Migrate PNG to LFS 2 weeks ago
  Skia 66e04f29c3 gitattributes: track png with LFS 2 weeks ago
  Skia 5b0bd44817 Finish global mount 2 weeks ago
  Gobelin b4951b2b01 Add second concept-art 2 weeks ago
  Gobelin 9de7564ab3 gitignore: ignore .kra~ files 2 weeks ago
  Gobelin 11f51c2a59 Add first concept art 2 weeks ago
  Gobelin d83e576808 gitattribute: track krita files with LFS 2 weeks ago
  Gobelin 23cb875a37 Add AlternaFree logo 2 weeks ago
  Gobelin bc947fb575 Add concept-art folder 2 weeks ago
  Skia e08d9fbe71 Add story-board thumbnails 3 weeks ago
  Skia cb655eb318 Add README 3 weeks ago
  Skia f5e9a8a5b8 Mount end of fight until big peach 8 months ago
  Skia 544b56fd10 rush: remove useless clip 8 months ago
  Skia cc4cec6bbc Mount fight until end of Skia's advantage 8 months ago
  Skia 60e0098143 Add gitignore 8 months ago
  Skia 24282ebc9b rush: remove useless file 8 months ago
  Jérôme Coussanes 5f44724993 Add Global mount blender file. 10 months ago
  Skia 1c95a3f5b3 First unrushing 10 months ago
  Skia ed115adcb6 Move bloppers out of rush 10 months ago
  Skia a5be395587 Add more filetypes to LFS 10 months ago
  Skia 1b9b895e43 Sort all rushes into sequences 10 months ago
  Skia 1dea181541 Fix gitattributes 10 months ago
  Skia 28853cabd8 Add rushes 10 months ago
  Skia 3bf91e7814 Add gitattributes 10 months ago
  Skia cee9a59166 First 10 months ago