141 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Skia 41fe3a7dc0 vim: add Black and neovim-fuzzy 3 weeks ago
  Skia c01bf64350 aliases: add some 'Skia' prefixes 9 months ago
  Skia eb33655744 gitconfig: update with LFS filter 9 months ago
  Skia ef76d480e7 Update aliases 9 months ago
  Skia 1717025c3b Add nvim config 10 months ago
  Skia 49ed021b96 gitconfig: log.decorate = true 1 year ago
  Skia 3e3952c8a1 zsh: add NOGITPS1 variable to disable git in prompt 1 year ago
  Skia 33e41e31c4 vimrc: remove wombat256 plugin 1 year ago
  Skia 3910b12ab9 awesome: bump awesome-wm-widgets 1 year ago
  Skia 790f6ab4ee vim: upgrade vim Plug 1 year ago
  Skia 723e7b28bd bashrc: use gpg for ssh-agent 1 year ago
  Skia 692a6e1211 zshrc: use gpg for ssh-agent 1 year ago
  Skia 63c8316dc5 aliases: add StartGPGAgent 1 year ago
  Skia 0223f0bddc vimrc: add Black for Python scripts 1 year ago
  Skia 0ff6226fc9 awesome: remove titlebars 1 year ago
  Skia 653fab8912 Remove TODO 1 year ago
  Skia c51e04f133 aliases: add mvln 1 year ago
  Skia 30c22dbaf4 awesome: update to use 'awesome-wm-widgets' 1 year ago
  Skia 7adac72d48 awesome: add 'awesome-wm-widgets' submodule 2 years ago
  Skia 4b8bb18bf9 aliases: add `diapo` 2 years ago
  Skia edb2719201 zsh: add virtualenv handling 2 years ago
  Skia 031f41de96 i3: update config with i3blocks and moc_status 2 years ago
  Skia 679aba5f22 Add terminator config files 2 years ago
  Skia 6a1fe2fe21 i3: update config 2 years ago
  Skia 337fbc406c Add first i3 config 2 years ago
  Skia 5c17af970e Fedora commit 2 years ago
  Skia a9d83d9835 aliases: add 'PrimeNumbers' and 'eyesaver' 2 years ago
  Skia 81b3246588 gitconfig: add 'poule' alias 2 years ago
  Skia ff3ab23678 tmux: update conf 2 years ago
  Skia 46789ee15e irssi: config update 2 years ago
  Skia 0c50f393b9 zsh: add last return value to PS1 2 years ago
  Skia e8a3b38133 bashrc: add return value to PS1 2 years ago
  Skia f5287e42b1 aliases: some refactoring 2 years ago
  Skia dc03ae0061 vimrc: add "set list" 2 years ago
  Skia b034d7f3d3 bashrc: source aliases 2 years ago
  Skia 699b20ccb7 vimrc: make noStripWhitespace global over all buffers 2 years ago
  Skia 09f2706cde bashrc: fix prompt length issues 2 years ago
  Skia 38cdac643a bashrc: some small updates 2 years ago
  Skia 8d2d0c277e aliases: add DifferedSleep function 2 years ago
  Skia a40ba79f86 Add .bashrc 2 years ago
  Skia 8dedd50545 vimrc: add statusline 2 years ago
  Skia fcfff2f786 vimrc: make whitespace stripping toggleable 2 years ago
  Skia db007a0eb7 tmux: add first config 2 years ago
  Skia 35561ad713 irssi: update channels 2 years ago
  Skia e87f6bb8cd gitconfig: set personal user infos 2 years ago
  Skia 9ada0a1417 gitconfig: abbrev = 12 2 years ago
  Skia 4a96c353bf awesome: add programs on startup 2 years ago
  Skia c19342ec62 aliases: add some stuff 2 years ago
  Skia c818f71c4f vimrc: add spell 2 years ago
  Skia 78203d19ed WIP: awesome: migrate to awesome4 3 years ago