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  1. \chapter{Conclusion}
  2. To bring this report to a close, it is good to note at least two main things.
  3. First point is about continuous integration. This marvelous workflow, despite
  4. being usually not trivial to set in place, can bring a considerable gain of time
  5. at all the levels of the development. It can be amazingly efficient at detecting
  6. regressions, and helping to reproduce them through well defined procedures, but
  7. it can also be used to provide pre-compiled artifacts usable by a larger
  8. audience than developers, from the packagers to the far end user who is only
  9. looking for a working software.
  10. The second point concerns more the Open-Source world, and all its subtleties,
  11. in which I had to evolve a lot during all my work on \textbf{LAVA}.
  12. On the technical side, the overall process of upstreaming a patch produced when
  13. some problem occurs in some particular setup, and the difficulties to make that
  14. patch working for everyone, surely was the most interesting and educative part,
  15. compared to bug reporting, or back-porting for example.
  16. Then on the social side, I was able to deepen my experience in the many positive
  17. and negative aspects of the work with a community, such as the amazingly
  18. efficient, and personalized help that people can give, or troubles that can
  19. appear when someone wants to include a functionality that does not please
  20. everyone.
  21. Finally, I think this internship brought me one of the best work experience I
  22. could have expected from a company, with both friendliness and seriousness, and
  23. allowed me to learn things far beyond the range of my initial subjects.