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  1. \chapter{List of contributions to LAVA}
  2. \label{cha:list_of_contributions_to_lava}
  3. \section{lava-dispatcher}
  4. \label{sec:lava_dispatcher}
  5. \begin{verbatim}
  6. $ git log --author "Florent Jacquet"
  7. 3a890271c465 device-types: fix at91sam9x25ek to use bootz
  8. b2aef8b34d77 device-types: add sun6i-a31-app4-evb1
  9. b495a3548d5f device-types: add ttyAT0 to Atmel devices to support multiv7_defconfig
  10. 3bfdcdb672f1 Add support for use_xip
  11. 8df17dd7355c Add support for append_dtb
  12. a8fb0d9d7d25 device-types: add Armada 8040 DB board
  13. 171e8b653153 device-types: add Allwinner A23 EVB board
  14. 5898747b44d4 device-types: add OrangePi PC board
  15. \end{verbatim}
  16. \section{lava-server}
  17. \label{sec:lava_server}
  18. \begin{verbatim}
  19. $ git log --author "Florent Jacquet"
  20. 716424a36fd8 api: fix's docstring
  21. ad2f57df757d device-type: update at91-sama5d4_xplained addresses
  22. b6734844e48d device-type: update at91-sama5d2_xplained addresses
  23. c4ead793de9b device-type: update sama53d addresses
  24. 092f56a56170 device-type: update armada-xp-linksys-mamba addresses
  25. 0fdf33a833d6 device-type: update armada-388-gp addresses
  26. 5af8f640c693 device-type: update armada-370-db addresses
  27. 0b3b0beb7625 device-type: addresses fix for armada-3720-espressobin
  28. ed1e402e585f device-type: addresses fix for armada-3720-db
  29. c382a5aa04bf device-type: fix at91sam9m10g45ek
  30. 2c840debc665 base-uboot.jinja2: don't load DTB if append_dtb is set
  31. bbc39489c740 results_app: API: add the 'run_query' function
  32. 8746edb6be8c results_app: API: add the 'make_custom_query' function
  33. a04086dd7d58 api: add get_recent_jobs_for_device
  34. c9b9453d1733 Migrate many U-boot devices to v2 configuration
  35. da87efaa6953 base-uboot.jinja2: add support for append_dtb and use_xip
  36. 11725bc3eadc doc: fix a small gap about test suites
  37. cc9e4ea2c463 Allow to override U-boot bootcmd command
  38. babaef51dc46 lava_scheduler_app: api: Add pipeline information to get_device_status
  39. 187c8520aba2 Allow to override U-boot tftp command
  40. 84f88a4fca4f Allow to override U-boot usb command
  41. 4211de051b2d Don't force {BOOTX} macro in U-boot template
  42. 571d71313eda Don't force dhcp in U-boot template
  43. \end{verbatim}