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title: Why you should go watch Tool in concert
date: 2019-07-02
tags: tool,metal,hellfest,music
category: music
lang: en
status: published
summary: A really impressive show that I highly recommend, even if you don't know the band already.

Last summer, I had the pleasure to see
[Tool]( in concert at the Hellfest
festival, and that really was awesome for multiple reasons:

* The musicians are technically very skilled, being in studio as well as on
* The show is centred on the music and the visual light effects combined
together to create a very mesmerizing performance.
* They even ask the public not to take pictures or videos to enjoy the moment as
one that must be lived and felt, rather than watched later on a small, inhuman
* The sound tuning was just perfect, and I don't remember being at a metal show
with that many people able to listen to the music without their ear
protection. Thank you Hellfest for that!
* They played some of their new titles that weren't released yet at the time.

Of course, going to another show now would probably fulfil only the three first
points in my list, but I find them far good enough to recommend *Tool* for your
next concert!