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  Skia b06785f4b7 Last stuff found in my worktree 2 months ago
  Skia 5931642177 Improve array function, and some shit in Makefiles 6 years ago
  Skia 5c88af4cb6 Try to implement an operator overloading for the Token.. fails.. 6 years ago
  Skia 152b5c6e08 Fix a small bug in the Buffer 6 years ago
  Skia 6d626037d8 Fix the LList, and add some TODOs in the various functions 6 years ago
  Skia b3ca188c8b Still some organizing: everything compile well! 6 years ago
  Skia 6381f30b06 Restucture the whole project! 6 years ago
  Skia 04a80e8ec5 Finish the LList for the Parser... Some changes in Makefiles 6 years ago
  Skia 01aab053d1 Continue a bit of parser... 6 years ago
  Skia ea88ac5b01 Begin a Parser. Doesn't compile yet, but it's just a draft, for thinking to a 6 years ago
  mino 99aebe7b41 Not important 6 years ago
  mino e7a9d627db Some cleanups and some new dirs 6 years ago
  mino 81a4d25141 Fix missing header file in TestBuffer.cpp 6 years ago
  Skia 5a65835ff7 Fix the remaining memleaks. There are no more! 6 years ago
  Skia 87b8187ff6 Fix some memleak... Still some remaining. 6 years ago
  Skia 611571a8e2 Fix every running bug: works fine. Still a lot of memleak 6 years ago
  Skia 0a017d455b Fix the Buffer 6 years ago
  Skia 995ecf9ea5 Make a new working buffer: still a small bug in first identifier 6 years ago
  tom 8493619cd0 Added(commented) prototype for bigger file read. 6 years ago
  mino 1baf7e2d53 Add some testing to buffer ... 6 years ago
  mino 79befaa872 Remove commented stuff from Scanner, Add some comments and some TODOs 6 years ago
  Skia c6df8dd3b7 Change the comment handling method: the Automat now has a part of the job 6 years ago
  Skia 3d90bdaf80 Merging Tom's work. Lines seems to work better, remains the cols 6 years ago
  tom 7892de810d repeated try 6 years ago
  Skia c28a00c664 Add SysprogII.pdf 6 years ago
  Skia 79ff1e193e Fix the buffer and the scanner... 6 years ago
  tom e158fe7c85 Found the unGetChar() error. Added new test to TestBuffer 6 years ago
  tom f90f127a7f Merge branch 'master' of pike.tf:compiler 6 years ago
  tom ce3d247f4d Added getRow and getColumn to TestBuffer 6 years ago
  mino 46bfff9281 Simplify Scanner::nextToken 6 years ago
  mino eafbff0156 Make everything work in Scanner 6 years ago
  tom fb118d911f Merge branch 'master' of pike.tf:compiler 6 years ago
  tom 6a67adc859 Small Test for Buffer 6 years ago
  mino fc7ac98b25 Merge branch 'master' of pike.tf:compiler 6 years ago
  mino 9eadbe8010 Add changes to makefiles for standalone compiling and testing 6 years ago
  tom 952f924daa Added basic TestBuffer 6 years ago
  tom 3f06255fac Forgot Buffer::getLexemSize 6 years ago
  tom 40fc5016a3 Redid lexem stuff, lexem[0]... 6 years ago
  tom c00ff48d7a Changed some lines back, until the essential stuff works. Added LexemLength. Fixed getRow, getCol for Lexem. Added len check in unGetChar(). More testing tomorrow. 6 years ago
  mino ef1d586c1c Simplify last commit 6 years ago
  mino fbc29aa5f4 Fix another problem in comment-handler ... (i hope i catched all cases now ...) 6 years ago
  mino d830feec99 Fix comment-handler potentially missing the end of a comment 6 years ago
  mino 3a26820e0c Add testFile5 6 years ago
  mino 6cc66fb244 Change the way printing works 6 years ago
  mino 40a82b532b Add further TODO to Scanner 6 years ago
  mino ab9adda332 Add some further TODOs to Scanner and fix some things 6 years ago
  mino e276928a5b Fix some mistake in comment-handler 6 years ago
  mino 5ce632b6d7 Add some TODOs to comment-handler 6 years ago
  mino 2e3007f551 Add testFile4 6 years ago
  mino 12d1f4e941 Some small fixes for comment-handler 6 years ago